All users should now use the latest approved version of the app developed by Seismic Technology. We have left the latest betas here while the live apps prove to be completely stable, but all old MDS and beta apps will be disabled at some point in the near future.

Android Downloads

Download for older versions of Android

The latest Android apps use Google's most modern billing and packaging components. If you are having issues with this and really can't update Android to a later version (which is the suggested fix) you can try downloading and installing this APK. You will need to delete Dragon Lords and accept APKs from unknown sources in your device's security settings to install this.

This download should work until Google completely removes support for the v2 billing API and direct APK installation, but we are being pushed to use the latest standards. So if you need to use this version it is probably time to think about upgrading Android or your device.

Apple Downloads

Reporting Issues

Please report any general bugs you find on our Subreddit. We will get to them as soon as possible.

If you have an issue with payments or that concerns a subject inappropriate for a public website, you can find other ways to contact us on the support page.